There are many reasons to buy wooden pallets especially from Greenway Products & Services in the Mideastern Region.

  • Wood is natural and safe that it can be used with food. For example, ice pops sticks are made of wood.
  • The wood that Greenway uses can be recycled. In addition, most of the wood we use was originally from other pallets. This makes these wooden pallets better for the environment.
  • In some cases wooden pallets can be better than plastic pallets. The plastics pallets could have chemicals that could contaminate food items.
  • Wooden pallets can be used to ship overseas. In order for pallets to be shipped overseas they must be converted into heat treated pallets. Greenway has equipment required to make pallets heat treated. We are also certify and are able to issue you a stamp on every pallet along with a certificate. This process is safe for the pallets.

You can always trust Greenway Products & Services when buying your wooden pallets with our two New Jersey locations in Dayton NJ and New Brunswick NJ and Baltimore MD.