Have Excess Pallets?
We Buy Truckloads of Standard Pallets

Greenway buys used pallets for recycling and reuse.

As the largest pallet manufacturer and recyclers in NY, NJ, PA, MD, and DE, Greenway buys used pallets as well as sells pallets. Yes, we BUY pallets.

We purchase used pallets from grocery distribution centers, manufacturers, distributors, and wholesalers. We help keep their plants lean and efficient, reduce storage costs, and improve their overall bottom line.

48 40s, cores, 4-ways, GMA’s ones and twos, A’s and B’s all refer to the industry standard pallet used in most companies.

We purchase standards pallets in quantities of 250 or more. We pick up truck loads of pallets daily. Greenway buys used pallets both on a call-in basis, and as an on-going pallet management program.

We also provide trailers at your location to make it easy for pallet removal. We then count and grade pallets at our facility and provide you with the accounting.

Greenway is a highly rated, full-service pallet management company.

Looking to clear out non-standard sized pallets, pallets beyond repair, and wood waste?

We pick up and remove non-standard, low grade pallets, and wood waste.

We remove unwanted pallets for far less than it would cost you to dispose of them in a dumpster. Fill up our tractor trailer with your unwanted pallets, and we’ll take them, and any wood waste off your hands.

Sell Your Pallets

All information is confidential and sent directly to a Greenway representative.

Our trailers hold five times the amount of what a dumpster can hold — an enormous savings for you!

Using a pallet recycler instead a carting company eliminates dumping wood waste in landfills, making it much better for the environment. Instead of mounting landfills, we recycle your waste, grinding it into mulch.

Bottom Line: You save a significant amount of money, as well as help the environment.


Wood Waste

24/7 Sales and Scheduling

Sell your pallets and schedule pick ups anytime by emailing, calling, or completing our online form.

Why Choose Greenway Products & Services

Greenway Products & Services, LLC is the largest pallet remanufacturer and recycler in the NJ, NY, MD, DE, and PA.. We also accept scrap wood from our customers that we turn into valuable resources. Greenway is a full-service pallet management company. Contact us for a quote today at sales@greenwaypsllc.com. Visit our website, greenwaypsllc.com or call us at 732-442-0200. We can deliver trailers to you on a moment’s notice throughout the NY-NJ-PA-MD-DE area.