When is a Pallet Not Just a Pallet? …When it’s a Work of Art

In her exhibit at The Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art, artist Liz Glynn has constructed enormous structures from reclaimed wooden pallets. Her exhibit, called The Archaeology of Another Possible Future, is examining the new digital economy’s impact on the future, given that automation and the Internet have changed the character of labor and manufacturing. She [...]

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Pallet Projects: Creating Stylish Decor & Furniture with Greenway Pallets

Do It Yourself Dorm Room Decor Greenway Shipping and Storage Pallets Used to Build Inexpensive Decorative Furniture Shane R. Duffy and Sandy Diaz, owners of SD Squared Design and Renovation Company were featured on Fox News showing how to build furniture out of pallets -- perfect for hip dorm rooms on a small budget. Shane and [...]

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Upcycling Used Pallets

What is Upcycling? Upcycling is when you turn something that has been recycled into something else. Greenway Products & Services recycles pallets that have already been used to create more pallets. But did you know, that you can buy used pallets and then take the pallet boards from our used pallets and turn them into [...]

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Pallet Art and Furniture

Greenway Products & Services is a pallet recycling company that has been around for over 20 years. In the last article, I talked about what is a pallet and what it is used for. I explained that it is basically a wooden structure that is used to hold products for shipping. However, that's not the [...]

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