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Pallets During Times of Worldwide Crises

Greenway Products and Services, a Kamps® Company, Contribution to Saving Lives During Pandemic Crisis Pallets have gotten us through one worldwide crisis, and will again be critical in handling the next. Just one year ago, FEMA assembled massive distribution networks for Covid-19 vaccines, personal protective equipment (PPE), and Covid testing kits. Rather than simply dumping [...]

International Shipping Pallets Differ from American Pallets

With industry and commerce becoming more globally interconnected than ever, businesses of all sizes and scales find themselves facing the challenges of shipping their products across international borders. With wooden shipping pallets serving as such an essential element of the supply chain that two billion pallets are in active use in the United States alone [...]

Why Heat Treated Pallets are a Better Choice than Chemical Fumigation

Greenway Products & Services supplies heat-treated, ISPM compliant pallets throughout NJ, NY, PA, MD & DE. We supply businesses that export product across the globe with shipping pallets of all freight classifications. Wood pallets must be treated to prevent the transport of harmful pests, fungus, and other contaminants. As environmental concerns rise worldwide it is [...]

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Use Euro Pallets ISO Dimensions When Shipping to Europe

Euro pallets ISO dimensions are the standard when shipping to Europe. Specifications of Euro pallets are determined by the European Pallet Association (EPAL). According to EPAL, these strict guidelines have been implemented because pallets were being built with inferior wood before the guidelines were in place. That practice caused pallets to break down and splinter [...]

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Exporting Pallets from NJ, NY, MD, DE, PA

Are you still buying plastic pallets in NJ, NY or PA for transporting your products? Did you know that it's actually better to use wooden pallets? But before we get into that lets discuss heat treated pallets in more detail. What is IPPC? IPPC stands for International Plant Protection Convention. The IPPC is treaty that [...]

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What is IPPC?

IPPC stands for International Plant Protection Convention. It is a treaty between 115 countries. In addition, IPPC is administered by the Food and Agriculture Organization. This organization also controls and helps the trading of plants and plant products. Their goal is to make sure there is not a spread of pests and insects on plants [...]

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