Top Quality New, Used & Reconditioned Wood Pallets

Unlimited Supply of Standard Wooden Pallet Dimensions

— Delivered Within 24 Hours!

Our proficiency as a superior pallet manufacturer and distributor, backed by our commitment to customer support, means that we always have standard wooden pallet sizes in stock. New wood pallets, used wood pallets or reconditioned wood pallets, shipping, warehouse, or containment pallets, we can deliver them to you on a moment’s notice throughout New Jersey, New York, and eastern Pennsylvania. Our standard pallets are of the highest quality and regularly inspected to ensure that they reliably meet your needs. Standard Pallet Dimension: 48” x 40”.

Unlimited Supply of Economical Reconditioned Wooden Pallets

— Delivered Within 24 Hours!

Reconditioned or used wooden pallets offer substantial savings over new pallets. Wood pallet recycling provides you with repaired, recycled or refurbished pallets that can hold more pallet weight than new pallets, because broken or weak boards have been removed and replaced with sound timbers. All pallet repair in our wooden pallet recycling program is performed by our highly trained personnel, in accordance with the National Wooden Pallet & Container Association’s stringent pallet repair guidelines.

Cost-effective, Reconditioning Quality Options are an Advantage of Wood Pallets, including:

Grade #1A ”Super” Heavy Duty Pallets

  • Hardwood construction
  • 5 bottom boards
  • For rackable pallets,and one-way or return shipping

Grade A

  • Hardwood / softwood mix
  • 5 bottom boards
  • Repaired with plates (no stringer inserts)
  • For rackable pallets,and one-way or return shipping

Grade B

  • Hardwood / softwood mix
  • Repaired with stringer inserts
  • For rackable pallets and one-way shipping

Standard Pallet Styles

  • Stringer
  • Block (Designed for greater pallet-moving accessibility)
  • Double Face Reversible
  • Double Face Non-Reversible
  • Single Face

Standard Pallet Deck Styles

  • Flush
  • Double Wing
  • Single Wing

A pallet with un-notched solid stringers, allowing forklift entry only from the two opposite pallet ends.

A pallet with notched solid stringers, allowing forklift entry from both ends and both sides.

Wood Is Good . . . For Pallets and Our Environment

Wooden pallets are a very good option for our environment. Most wooden pallets are made from “waste” lumber, which may not be aesthetic enough for furniture grade wood, but makes very strong pallets without cutting more trees. Our pallets don’t reduce natural foliage and the manufacture of wood pallets requires fewer chemicals than other materials, according to the National Wooden Pallet and Container Association.

Wood, the Versatile Pallet Material

Wooden pallets can be used with confidence that they will be safe for workers to use even after they have been exposed to the elements. Wood maintains its integrity as opposed to other materials that may be compromised by weather conditions.

Greenway Products & Services Is One of the Largest Wood Recyclers in the Tri-State Area

When our wood pallets have reached the end of their life cycle, we process the wood fiber for multiple uses: furniture, fences, park benches, home building materials, kitchen cabinets, playground material, landscape mulch and more. Even the nails are removed and sold to metal recyclers. Waste not… want not. When we work together we’re all creating valuable resources.

Stringer Wood Pallet

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