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Dominick Davi is regional manager of Kamps Greenway. He has been in the pallet industry for over 20 years. Before going into the pallet business He was a CPA in a midsize firm in Manhattan. In his spare time he enjoys spending time with his wife and two sons, being the Cub Master of a local Cub Scout Pack in Rockville Centre, and participating in various charities such as St. Baldrick’s, and Cristo Rey. Greenway Products is one of the largest pallets companies in the Mid-Atlantic region. Greenway has five divisions: Standard Pallets, Customized Pallets, Recycling, Mulch, and Sorting. He currently employs 215 people in three locations.
The Right Pallets at the Right Time

Bulk Saw Dust for Animal Bedding

As awareness increases about the impact of consumer culture on the global ecology and climate, people are increasingly demanding that the companies that supply their products and services, all the way up the supply chain, become more careful and responsible regarding their environmental impact. This is true even in renewable industries driven by wood [...]

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Bulk Sawdust for Wood Pellet Fuel Production

As more countries, businesses, and private individuals recognize the need to do their part to reduce their carbon footprint and counteract global climate change, they seek alternative fuel sources for heating, cooking, and energy production. The surprising outcome of this search for more environmentally friendly fuels is that several of these options are also [...]

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Saw Dust: Uses and Where to Buy

Some of the best ways to improve our environmental impact are by using recycled products and choosing natural, biodegradable materials. Sawdust, made from recycled wood packaging and shipping pallets, neatly fits both of these descriptors, and has a surprising number of uses around the house, garden, and workshop. Most homes can benefit from at [...]

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Tip: Best Time of Year to Purchase Pallets

Every industry has its own patterns and trends that tend to repeat cyclically year after year. Understanding these patterns for your own business is one of the keys to success, but when you need shipping pallets to move your products from manufacture to warehouse to customers, it also helps to understand the cycles that dictate [...]

Pallets During Times of Worldwide Crises

Greenway Products and Services, a Kamps® Company, Contribution to Saving Lives During Pandemic Crisis Pallets have gotten us through one worldwide crisis, and will again be critical in handling the next. Just one year ago, FEMA assembled massive distribution networks for Covid-19 vaccines, personal protective equipment (PPE), and Covid testing kits. Rather than simply dumping [...]

Pallet Supplier Kamps Greenway’s Regional Manager’s Best Business Advice

Pallet Enterprise, the  leading trade magazine serving the pallet, wood packaging and wood processing industries, featured their interview with Dominick Davi, regional manager of Kamps Greenway, in the magazine's February 2022 issue. When asked for his best business advice, he did not hesitate, replying, "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take." Davi outlined [...]

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Greenway Products and Services Investigates: Who is Responsible for the Rising Costs of Pallets?

Much of the Canadian trucker protest news coverage, and the blockage of trade that passes over the Ambassador Bridge connecting Windsor, Ontario to Detroit, focuses on its impact and interference with auto production lines. Little mention is made of consequence of timber imports – on the lumber used to build pallets, and its deleterious impact [...]

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International Shipping Pallets Differ from American Pallets

With industry and commerce becoming more globally interconnected than ever, businesses of all sizes and scales find themselves facing the challenges of shipping their products across international borders. With wooden shipping pallets serving as such an essential element of the supply chain that two billion pallets are in active use in the United States alone [...]

Pallet Prices on the Rise

Greenway's President Dominick Davi interviewed in Fox News' Coverage on Pallet Prices One of the leading contributors to shipping and inflation problems is the surging cost of wooden pallets. What exactly is the problem? The problem is a scarcity of wooden pallets that's driving prices. Brand new pallets before the pandemic would have cost about [...]