Saw Dust: Uses and Where to Buy

Some of the best ways to improve our environmental impact are by using recycled products and choosing natural, biodegradable materials. Sawdust, made from recycled wood packaging and shipping pallets, neatly fits both of these descriptors, and has a surprising number of uses around the house, garden, and workshop. Most homes can benefit from at [...]

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Advantages of Grade A Mulch Produced from Recycled Wood Pallets

Grade A mulch, which includes mulch made from shredded wood pallets, provide nutrients to plants and soil. As the chips decompose, they provide valuable organic nutrients necessary for the proper health of your plants. Quite often, landscaped beds and trees tend to remain stable during the period of high winds with Grade A mulch because [...]

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Wood Mulch Best for Playgrounds

Are children in your community having fun at playgrounds that use wood mulch? That's a critical question since studies have found that mulch made from rubber, especially rubber tires, can be harmful to kids.  Recycling tires for playground mulch was a popular solution to the growing pile of tires accumulating in landfills for the past [...]

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