Leave it to the NJ, NY & PA pallet professionals.
It’s what we do best!

Greenway Product & Services, LLC provides all the support you need to keep your products and business on the move throughout NJ, NY, MD, DE, and eastern PA. Our services include:

Eliminate Delays With Our Fast Same-Day Service

Our pallet delivery services never let you down. With 200 trailers at your disposal, you’ll never have to worry about your pallet supply again. We can deliver within 24 hours.

Extend Pallet Life With Our High Quality Repair Service

Pallet repair performed through our wood pallet recycling program often produces pallets that are better than new, as broken or weak boards have been removed and replaced with sound timbers. All pallets are repaired by our highly trained personnel, in accordance with the National Wooden Pallet & Container Association’s stringent pallet repair guidelines.

Reduce Clutter With Our Drop Trailer Services

We can arrange to drop a trailer off at your facility, so you can use it to store damaged or unneeded pallets. This simplifies pallet pick up, as the trailer facilitates wooden pallet disposal, recycling and repair. When they’re full, we’ll pick-up the trailer within 24 hours.

Minimize Expense With Our Pallet Consulting Services

Do you know what pallet is right for you? We do.

Call to set up an appointment with one of our pallet specialists, because not having the right pallet can cause damage to your product, unsafe environments, under-utilization of much needed space on your trucks and/or trailers, and extra cost added to your packaging.

Our experts in pallet shipping and transport, working jointly with your packaging, pallet, and material handling vendors (ex: forklifts and racking), can save you anywhere from 10 – 20%. Creating a stiffer pallet by adding more beams or boards, or putting the beams closer to the center beam (ex: wing pallet), can help reduce the thickness of the corrugated package and even decrease roller on a conveyor system.

We can also help you optimize the use and longevity of your pallets by developing and employing formulas based on cost per trip, and that can result in additional savings.

Recover Expenses With Our Excess Pallet Purchase Program

Greenway Products & Services is your best resource for pallet disposal and recycling. If you want to sell your used pallets, our wooden pallet recycling program pays top dollar in the industry. We’ll drop trailers at your location and when they’re full, we’ll pick-up the trailer within 24 hours. This is much cheaper than having your excess pallets carried away in a dumpster, and better for our environment as well.

Greenway will pay you for all qualifying pallets that are removed from your facility. We’re a leader in biomass recycling, so those pallets that are not re-usable will be recycled into mulch for the landscape industry.

Eliminate Headaches With Our National Pallet Management System

Greenway Products & Services has the expertise, knowledge, and contacts to handle your pallet needs on a national level. Outsource your pallet management to us, and we’ll handle all the details: pallet purchase, storage, packing, delivery, pickup, recycling, repair, disposal, inventory management and comprehensive tracking and reporting . . . whatever you need we’ve got you covered.

One supplier, One invoice, Zero headaches.

Consolidate Resources And Savings With Our Trucking Services

Greenway Products & Services also provides reliable, cost-effective trucking services within Nassau County, Suffolk County, Long Island and the Tri-State Area, including backhauls from New Jersey. Contact us for details.

Improve Product Security With Our Packaging Material Support

Stretch Films
Shrink Wrap
Shrink Bags
Slip Sheets & Separators
Strapping (Both Metal & Plastic)
Edge Protection
Poly Bags, Air Bags & Void Fillers
Corrugated Products

Lower Shipping Costs

Avoid Injuries