Heat Treated Pallets

Mold Prevention for Wooden Pallets

Mold…it’s not a pretty sight anywhere! And it’s an especially vexing problem when it shows up on pallets. It is a common problem due to moisture and it is “coming increasingly under scrutiny as food safety requirements continue to become a priority,” according to Rick LeBlanc in an article on the website The Balance. In [...]

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Why Heat Treated Pallets are a Better Choice than Chemical Fumigation

Greenway Products & Services supplies heat-treated, ISPM compliant pallets throughout NJ, NY & PA. We supply businesses that export product across the globe with shipping pallets of all freight classifications. Wood pallets must be treated to prevent the transport of harmful pests, fungus, and other contaminants. As environmental concerns rise worldwide it is important to [...]

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All You Need To Know About Heat Treated Pallets

Why are Pallets sometimes Heat Treated? Pallets are heat treated because it protects them from bugs and insects that get into the pallets and eventually our forest. All pallets  shipped internationally must be heat treated. They are stamped with a regulatory agency's stamp. The agency audits pallet companies to make sure they comply with heat [...]

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