Lower Shipping Costs

What to Know About Pallet Specifications

Often buyers’ pallet specs have evolved over time, and they may wonder if their requirements still reflect their needs, or do they add unnecessary costs to their orders. Over time, it may become less clear to purchasers how their quote requests translate into the design of the pallets they order. For example, is there a [...]

8 Top Ways to Reduce Pallet Costs

If you’re operating a warehouse or are regularly receiving and/or shipping out product, then you know how important your supply of pallets is. If you start running low on pallets, it could result in downtime, which, in turn, would hurt your bottom line. However, pallet costs can also affect your bottom line. Fortunately, the following [...]

Proper Pallet Design Can Reduce the Total Cost of Goods & Delivery

Custom pallets may cost 10% more, but actually decrease the total cost of goods and delivery Custom Pallet Design to Reduce Total Cost Mark White, president of the packaging research and consulting firm White & Co, recommends considering the role pallets play in the total cost of product and delivery. Often stronger pallets can better [...]

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Lower Shipping Costs with Products Designed to Minimize Space

Do you know how Ikea keeps the cost of its furniture and home products so low?  And why they sell sofas as kits -- not fully assembled? Ikea is known for good quality at low prices. One of the factors contributing to that is figuring out how to maximize the transportation of their products, whether [...]

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Reduce Transportation Costs with Custom Pallet Sizes

Greenway has built their reputation as a reliable source of wood pallets, enabling manufacturers to keep production lines functioning at full capacity. And by making small changes to pallets, Greenway saves money for companies that package and ship product. Greenway uses specialized computer software to assist in custom pallet design to minimize the pallet size, [...]

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Custom Designed Pallets

The vast majority of pallets in use today conform to industry standards. But those standard sizes don’t take into account specialized needs. The use of computer aided pallet design has made it possible for pallet manufacturers to make custom designed pallets which are just right for the customers’ needs. The National Wooden Pallet and Container [...]

When are custom pallets more economical than standard pallets?

When shopping for the cheapest pallet, any one of the standard size pallets may appear to be the most economical. However, if your merchandise or freight are not sized according to standardized pallet dimensions, it may actually be costing a good deal more money to use standard pallets instead of custom pallets. Custom pallet [...]

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