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Greenway Products & Services is dedicated to reducing the waste stream. We manufacture landscape mulch with our recycling program. We take clean wood waste, discarded pallets, shipping crates and scrap lumber, and we’ll deliver a trailer for you to store your wood waste products throughout NJ, NY, PA, MD & DE. When it’s filled we’ll come take it away. We’ll turn your discards into a new, usable product to help fulfill our commitment of 0% waste.

Top, Grade A mulch adds great curb appeal to homes and businesses. It increases moisture retention, helps keep weeds in check and reduces soil erosion. So think Greenway for your mulch supply. We deliver 7 days a week.

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Providing a Wider Range of Product Offerings


  • Triple Ground Hardwood Root Mulch
  • Dyed Mulches: Black, Brown & Red
  • Top Soil, Wood Chips & Sawdust
  • Wood Products/Wood Haulers
  • Certified Playground Mulch

Wood Waste Consultants / Wood Haulers

  • Wood Recycling Specialists
  • Containers for Removal of:
    • Trees, Stumps, Brush, Leaves Clean Wood & Grass
    • Vegetative Yard Waste Hauled

Jobsite Delivery

  • Jobsite Delivery 24 Hours / 7 Days a Week

Are you looking at curb appeal to your home or commercial property?

Nothing looks better than a top grade A mulch.

And when it’s time to buy don’t settle for the high retail prices out there.

Buy direct and save. Greenway Products & Services is the only answer.

Mulch is an important element of your landscape. It serves an aesthetic purpose as well as provides many practical uses.

  • Mulch increases moisture retention
  • Serves as a barrier against weeds
  • Reduces soil erosion
  • Helps prevent soil compaction
  • Keeps roots insulated during extreme temperatures
  • Creates a buffer zone between your plantings and your lawn, which limits mower damage to the plants and your lawn improves organic composition of existing soil.

At Greenway Products & Services, we supply

  • Triple ground hard wood Grade A organic mulch
  • Dyed black and brown mulch
  • Certified playground mulch
  • Pure uncut top soil & wood chips

Plus we offer installations on all our premium products.

We also specialize in wood recycling and provide containers for removal of tree stumps, brush, leaves, wood, and vegetative yard waste.

So remember when you think mulch, Greenway Products & Services is your direct source to save and for a limited time only get your black dyed mulch. Call 732-442-0200.

We deliver 7 days a week.





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