Nestable pallets fit together when empty and reduce the amount of space needed for pallet storage. They can be piled high in tight, neat stacks, helping to dramatically decrease storage-related costs. Available in open and closed deck styles, nestable pallets can lower overall freight costs, as they take up much less space in trailers when returned empty (nested). They can be made of a variety of materials, but are most often constructed of wood or plastic. Plastic nestable pallets are usually lighter than wooden or metal pallets, and may help decrease shipping costs even further.

A nestable pallet is used just like other types of pallets.  Products are loaded onto a nestable pallet which is then shrink-wrapped or strapped in place. Nestable pallets are used for transporting goods in a variety of industries, ranging from retail to food processing and just about everything in between.

Greenway Products & Services offers a wide range of standard and custom nestable pallets to businesses in NJ, NY, PA, MD & DE. Contact us to find the perfect nestable pallet for your requirements and budget.