Export Pallet Supplier in NJ, NY & PAAre you still buying plastic pallets in NJ, NY or PA for transporting your products? Did you know that it’s actually better to use wooden pallets? But before we get into that lets discuss heat treated pallets in more detail.

What is IPPC?

IPPC stands for International Plant Protection Convention. The IPPC is treaty that was made in 115 countries. This treaty is regulated by the Food and Agriculture Organization. Their job is to protect plants from insects and pesticides. The IPPC treaty explains that all wooden pallets need to be heat treated for transport.

What is ISPM?

ISPM stands for International Standards For Phytosanitary Measures No. 15. This standard says that all wooden pallets need a heat treated stamp for international trading.plastic-woodWhy wooden is better than plastic pallets?

Now we know that pallets need to be heat treated to be sent internationally. But why use wooden pallets instead of plastic? Plastic pallets have chemicals in them and can contaminate food items. Wood is a natural resource. In addition, the heat treated process is safe for the wooden material.

Where can you get heat treated pallets…Greenway Products & Services, LLC

Pallets Unlimited offers heat treated pallets. We have a heat treated chamber which insures your pallets are completely heat treated. Each pallet comes with our official heat treated stamp and certificate for your pallets to be sent overseas. For more information visit our contact us page.