If you are new to the buying pallets business it is very common to confuse palette with pallet. If you need a reliable source to buy customized pallets, recycle pallets, new pallets, used pallets, then Greenway Products & Services is the pallet company to rely on. Currently, we have two locations in New Jersey in Dayton NJ and New Brunswick NJ and in Baltimore MD.

Greenway is where to get wooden pallets because we offer so many pallet size dimensions options such as standard 40 x 40 pallets, customized pallets, recycled pallets, used pallets as well as new pallets. In addition it is a great company for recycle pallet because we can pick up pallets throughout the Mideastern Region.pallet-what

What is a pallet or pallette?

Many people still don’t know what are pallets or a true pallet definition. Pallets are made of pallet timber or wood then it is put together. Most customers use these wooden pallets for shipping different types of products.

Sometimes these pallets and products need to be shipped overseas. If you need international pallets or pallets in general Greenway Products & Services should be your source. We offer heat treated pallets with certification so that your pallets can be shipped internationally.