There are many parts that make up a pallet but before we get into that we should start off with a true pallet definition.

What is a pallet?

A pallet is an object that helps ship different products. Wooden pallets are usually the safest and more natural choice that most people choose. These pallets are created in such a way so that forklifts can be used to move the products and the pallets.

Types of pallets

There are many different types of pallets such as, block pallets, double face pallet, double wing pallet, flush pallet, four way stringer, non-reversible pallet, reversible, single face pallet, single wing pallet, skid pallet, solid deck pallet and two way stringer pallet.

What makes up a pallet?


The picture above shows what a four way stringer pallets looks like and the different parts that make up the pallet. This pallet is made up of a top deckboard, two way entry, bottom deckway, runner or stringer and four way entry. The top deckboard is the top of the pallet. The stringer or runner is the side pallet. The four way and the two way entry are the different spaces between the pallet.