Pallet Removal in NJ, NY, MD, DE & PAAs we know, pallets are used to hold products during shipping. Pallets are used by many manufacturing, warehousing and distribution companies. Eventually their pallets start to pile up. Greenway Products & Services offers pallet removal services for our customers who need to get rid of their unwanted pallets.

How does it work?

There are three options to get rid of old pallets:

  1. We send a driver to pick unwanted pallets depending on quality.
  2. We can leave a trailer on a customer location if it is needed to get rid of pallets more frequently.
  3. You can deliver to anyone of our locations in Dayton NJ, New Brunswick NJ, or Baltimore MD.

Local Service

Greenway Products and Services reaches companies in New York, New Jersey, Eastern Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Delaware  in the Mid-Atlantic area. Do you need pallet removal? Then contact Greenway Products & Services.