In this video, we show the custom pallets are created here at Greenway Products & Services.

Most products can be shipped on a standard size pallet. When you come into differences is when somethings are bigger, like a door. Doors cannot fit on standard-size pallets. It gets even more complicated than that, like tiles. If you try to put a full pallet load of tile on a pallet, it would weigh probably 15,000 pounds. What a lot of tile companies do is they put the tile on a smaller, condensed pallet, which will hold the weight and keep the stability of the pallet and the shipment.

Half our business is customized. Basically the customized pallets are made out of the pallets that are not standard. They go to a breakup machine, we dismantle all the pallet wood, once we get that wood, we cut it to the sizes that we need, then it goes right to the pallet makers. The pallet makers nail everything back up, and then it goes right on our truck, and it goes right to our customer.


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