In this video, Dominick demonstrates how pallets are heat treated. Heat treated pallets are required for any international shipments.

We are in the process right now of heat treating pallets. We’re the only one that has a heat treating chamber on the Island in the New York City area. We heat treat pallets mainly because they have insets that came in from China, they are destroying our forests. This is how we prevent any insects from getting into our forests, by heat treating the pallets. What we do is we heat treat the pallets to 140 degrees for 31 minutes. The process usually takes around five hours.

This is how it’s done. You turn it on, wait for it to load, power on, takes a minute for the screen to go on. Press new load, put our recipe in, control screen, blower on. You put the blower on to circulate all the heat, and then cycle slow, and then press enter. That’s it. There’s three sensors that go the trailer and they determine the temperature of the pallets. When all three of them are at 140 degrees for 31 minutes, then the buzzer goes off, and then they are treated pallets. In a 53 foot trailer we can roughly fit around 440 pallets in there at a burn. The reason it doesn’t fill up completely is you need the air to circulate. So that’s one of the sensors right there. So once all three of those sensors in the trailer get to 140 degrees.


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