In this video, Dominick explains how Greenway prepares wood pallets for international shipping.

ISPM 15 was established because they were having a bug problem coming in from China to the United States. The bugs came in on the pallets. They were stored in the pallets, and they started destroying product. When those bugs got here, they got into our forests. The Longhorned beetle is the main bug that ISPM 15 was established around. That bug is destroying our forests, and it spreads. What we decided to do is create ISPM 15, and what that does is it ensures that any pallet going overseas, or any pallet coming in to us from overseas, is heat treated. Heat treated means it is heated to 140 degrees for 32 minutes. It makes sure that if there bugs in the pallet, they would be dead.

Basically, with the heat treating of the pallets, they’re getting heated up to a certain thing and these bugs are just going to leave the wood or they just die within the wood with no more action?

They die in the wood. It’s a bug. If the bug is basically heated up to 140 degrees, it unfortunately dies.

There was an exemption that took place on the Canadian border, so now all that exemption has been lifted up and new laws have been implemented, which is the ISPM 15 in the actual law. Correct?

Exactly. They were still having issues in forests that were between the United States and Canada, so they decided to lift the exemption. We took affirmative approach to it, and we actually purchased a heat treating chamber. What that chamber does is you put the pallets in there. We heat them up and we stamp them with our certificate. We have our own stamps. If you’re ordering 50 pallets or 100 pallets or whatever you need to order, those pallets come to you, they’re stamped with our certification on it, and you get a paper with our certification saying that these pallets are okay to ship overseas.


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