In this video, Dominick explains what ISPM 15 is.

ISPM 15 actually came about because stuff was being shipped in from China and beetles started destroying the product. Those beetles then actually got into our forests and they started eating up our forests. The way to attack this is we started taking the pallets and we started heat-treating these pallets for all overseas shipments. So anything that goes overseas, the bug will not transfer because the pallet is heat-treated. You know, it’s very important. It’s becoming bigger and bigger now, and actually recently, the rule between the United States and Canada has just ended. So basically if you have to ship it from the United States to Canada, you need a heat-treated pallet.

We knew that that was coming and what we did in advance was we bought our own heat-treating chambers. If you need something heat-treated, we put the pallets in our heat-treatment chamber, and we stamp them with our certificate. We have our own stamps. If you order 50, 100  pallets or whatever you need, those pallets come to you, they are stamped with our certification on it, and you get a paper with our certification saying these pallets are ok to ship overseas.

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