In this video, Dominick explains the different types of pallet grades.

We have three different standard size pallets,  and we have three different grades. We have a Grade B which is the lowest grade. Grade B is basically if the side of the pallet is busted what we do is we put a piece of wood next to it called a plug. What that plug does is it secures the pallet, makes sure that the pallet is sturdy, makes sure that the pallet can handle the load, but as soon as we have to put that plug in then it has lesser value, it’s a cheaper option.

Then there’s a Grade A pallet, which doesn’t have any busted sides of the wood, we don’t have any busted pieces. Basically it’s a pallet that was never broken. You might have to replace a board or two, but it looks good when you get it.

A Super is basically a very clean pallet, 7 top, 5 bottom, and usually has thicker wood.

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