In this video, Dominick explains the difference between used pallets and new pallets.

The main difference between new and used pallets is, obviously, the price. If you buy a brand new pallet, it’s all brand new wood, it’s going to cost a little more than if you use a recycled pallet. Half our business is customizing recycled pallet. Basically, they hold the same weight. They are good quality pallet. They look exactly the same. The only issue is one looks brand new, one looks like it has recycled wood.

A lot more people would be going for the recycling now, due to the fact that people are going more green. If you don’t have a client needs to see a new pallet in a new warehouse, a major place where people are going to be consuming product, it’s fine. If it’s on the back end, you can use a recycled palate?



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