We’ve been around for 19 years, and for 19 years we’ve been green. Five percent (5%) of our business is new pallets — ninety-five percent (95%) is recycled. Anything that comes in, our main goal is to never get a dumpster out of here. Whether it’s plastic, cardboard, leftover pieces of wood, all that stuff gets recycled and is put in the proper place.

Let’s talk about trees. There’s been a lot of talk about plastic pallets, wooden pallets. A lot of people say, “Well, you’re cutting down trees to make pallets.” How do you address that?

When they actually cut down the trees, the outer part of the tree is used for furniture and housing and different stuff like that. The middle part, which is the lower grade stuff, there’s not really a great market for. The market would be used to make pallets. The inner part of the tree is used for pallets. The outer part of the trees are used for furniture and high quality wooden products.

Basically, in essence, these trees would have been cut down anyway, and you’re just using what’s left — not to waste?


You mentioned to me once before that even ice pops come on a stick and we’re able to consume them.

Exactly. Wood is safe. There’s a lot of people that are saying wood is not safe. You have Popsicle sticks. You have corn dogs. A lot of people eat a lot of stuff on a stick. My four year old loves it when the ice cream man comes. Everything’s on a stick. Shish kebabs…

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