A pallet is a generally a wooden structure that is created to help ship products. Many people get this confused with palette which is used for paint. Pallets are mostly made up of wood. They can also be made of plastic or steel. Below are some pictures showing different kinds of pallets. As well as how they are used to help ship products throughout NJ, NY & PA, as well as nationally and internationally.

What are Wood Pallets and Plastic Pallets?

How are pallets made?

Pallets are generally made of wood. People use nail guns to build the wooden pallet. Watch video below which shows how pallets are created.

Custom Pallets from Greenway Products & Services

What type of pallets do we have?

Greenway Products & Services fixes old pallets so that they can be reused. Once the old pallet wood can no longer be used for pallets then we process the wood fiber so that they can be used for other products, such as mulch, playgrounds and furniture. Greenway offers custom pallets, heat treated wooden pallets and standard pallets. Contact Greenway Products & Services for more information.