IPPC stands for International Plant Protection Convention. It is a treaty between 115 countries. In addition, IPPC is administered by the Food and Agriculture Organization. This organization also controls and helps the trading of plants and plant products. Their goal is to make sure there is not a spread of pests and insects on plants and plant products such as wooden pallets.

Greenway Products & Services supplies ISPM compliant, heat-treated pallets for businesses in NJ, NY and PA who export product to other countries.

What does IPPC require and control?

They require that all standard pallets, customized pallets, 48 x 40 pallets, and all pallets in general both coniferous and non-coniferous to be treated and marked. In order to prevent the spread of insects, the types of pallets including new pallets and recycled pallets needs to be heat treated. They also came up with the ISPM 15 standard for the international pallets.

What is Coniferous and Non-Coniferous Wood?

Coniferous is softwood and Non-Coniferous is hardwood. These are different types of wood that are used for standard pallets, customized pallets, 48 x 40 pallets, and all pallets in general.

What is ISPM?

ISPM stands for International Standards For Phytosanitary Measures No. 15. This standard requires ISPM 15 pallets to have stamps for international trading to other countries.

What does ISPM15 require?

ISPM15 requires the pallet maker to heat treat and debark pallets to prevent the spread of diseases and insects. Then they are stamped so that the export pallets are ready for international trade. Greenway Products & Services has heat treated pallets in New York, New Jersey, and Eastern Pennsylvania. We have a heat treated chamber which insures your pallets are completely heat treated. Each pallet comes with our official heat treated stamp and certificate for your send your pallets overseas. For more information visit our contact us page.