pallets-whereWhere to get pallets is a great question. The best is Greenway Products & Services, which has two New Jersey locations in Dayton and New Brunswick, and one in Baltimore MD.  The answer to where to get pallets would be to get pallets locally. There is also a bunch of different criteria to answer where to get pallets. It would depend on quantity, quality and type of pallet. If you are only looking for a few pallets you can pick up pallets.

If you would best if you Google “pallets” and put the area you are looking for such as pallets Long Island or Pallets NYC. If you are looking for a couple of hundred pallets and they are recycled 40 x 40 pallets it would be best to get them for a larger size pallet recycling company such as Greenway Products & Services. Main reason is consistency Larger pallet recycling company have a larger supply of pallets. Smaller companies are limited to how many pallet they have coming which could have your company running out of pallets.

To find out where to get new pallets would be best to Google new pallets and add your state at the end. To find customized pallets and then they do not have to be new wooden pallet; they could be recycled customized pallets. It is recommended to look up a lager pallet recycler because of access to all different type pallet wood such as Greenway Products & Services.

I hope this answers the questions where to get pallets. If you need new wooden pallets, new custom pallets, new recycled pallets, 40 x 40 pallets or recycled custom pallets you can always call Greenway who has pallets in NY, pallets in NJ, pallets in Eastern PA.

One more thing, if you need pallets in area that is not the interstate area you can look up There well be a link that says find pallet provider. Click that and enter your code that was provided you members of National Wooden Packaging and Contractor Association. It is an association of Pallet container companies and its a very respectful source to obtain and recycle pallets.