Wood pallets come in 9 Standard Sizes and in Custom Sizes
48”x40”, is the most common industry standard size, called GMAs, 4ways, 1’s and 2’s, or A’s and B’s
With the right thickness of boards and stringers, Standard 48”x40” GMA pallets can hold up to 4592 lbs – strong enough to move cement and military equipment.

Other popular sizes include

  • 42×42 hold up to 4445 lbs. often used for moving paint
  • 48×48 supports up to 4673 lbs. popular when moving drums
  • Moving dry goods, dairy, produce? 40×48 is a good option

For full list of standard sizes, see https://greenwaypsllc.com/pallet-sizes/
When ordering pallets be sure to tell us the anticipated weight of your loads to make sure the boards and stringers provide the strength you needs at the best price.
Greenway Products & Services delivers the right pallets at the right time, keeping your production lines moving.

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