What is Pallet Recycling?

Pallet Recycling in NJ, NY & PAThe basic pallet definition of recycling is reusing the old pallet wood to create new pallets. Greenway Products & Services produces recycled pallets for budget and environment conscious businesses in NJ, NY & PA.

How does it work?

Let’s go more into the pallet recycling process. Greenway Products & Services takes your old pallet wood then use them to create new pallets or custom pallets. When the pallets are no longer able to be used we grind them into small pieces. This ground wood can be used for other purposes.

The Pallet Recycling Process

The video below shows how we recycle our wooden pallets in Greenway Products & Services, LLC.


Why pallet recycle?

Recycling pallets, saves money and is good for the environment. Creating new pallets involves cutting down trees, while pallet recycling involves reusing the old wood. Do you need to buy used pallets? Contact Greenway Products & Services by completing the form to the right, or calling one of our three locations, Dayton NJ, New Brunswick NJ and Baltimore MD, or 732-442-0200.