Custom pallets for NJ NY PAGreenway Products & Services offers many types of custom pallets to businesses in NJ, NY & PA. Anything you need in terms of custom pallets? Just ask.

custom palletsOur pallet making company has computer aided palled design which helps create custom pallets. There are many uses for wooden pallets. Sometimes you need different sizes or different arrangements of pallet lumber in order to help ship your products or for whatever use you might need.

In the picture, we have a 42 x 37 custom pallet that has pallet lumber in the middle facing horizontally. This what our customer needed so we made a special custom pallet for them. Greenway Products & Services provides pallets with its two locations in New Jersey in Dayton and New Brunswick, and in Baltimore MD. If you need more information, complete the form to the right and call us at 732-442-0200 so we could help you with your custom pallets or whatever your pallet requirements might be. Our company strives on listening to our customers’ needs.