Mold…it’s not a pretty sight anywhere! And it’s an especially vexing problem when it shows up on pallets. It is a common problem due to moisture and it is “coming increasingly under scrutiny as food safety requirements continue to become a priority,” according to Rick LeBlanc in an article on the website The Balance.

In order to prevent mold moisture, along with the availability of oxygen and a food source must be controlled. Wooden pallets provide a good breeding ground for mold if they are untreated. That treatment is designed to inhibit mold from growing in the first place.

Jeff Morrell,on mold preventionJeff Morrell, Ph.D., from Oregon State’s College of Forestry Wood Science and Engineering Department, says mold spores can typically become air borne and can germinate on any wet wooden surfaces where they land. “Mold spores can usually be brushed from the wood surface, leaving little evidence of their presence; however, the fungus is still very much alive in the wood and can continue to grow and produce new spores if the wood remains wet,” he says.

Wooden pallets manufactured in the US are heat treated to insure that bugs and other kinds of pests can’t infiltrate the wood. But additional treatments are needed to prevent mold spores that are in the air, and fungi that already are there from multiplying on the wood. A moldicide applied to the wood inhibits mold growth.

Another good way to prevent mold from growing is to use heavy-duty fans for ventilation. Stagnant air prevents evaporation. So even a small amount of air movement can greatly increase the amount of evaporation from the wood. It’s also important to store pallets off the ground in order to keep them dry.

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