Greenway has built their reputation as a reliable source of wood pallets, enabling manufacturers to keep production lines functioning at full capacity. And by making small changes to pallets, Greenway saves money for companies that package and ship product. Greenway uses specialized computer software to assist in custom pallet design to minimize the pallet size, materials and weight, which in turn reduces transportation costs for their customers.

Custom Pallet Sizes Reduce Transportation CostsGreenway produces custom sized pallets to help manufacturers reduce their trucking costs over the region’s congested and frequently tolled highways. Whether a manufacturer’s packaging is too small, too large, or too heavy, Greenway’s custom pallets are sized to fit the specific needs of product that does not fit on standard sized pallets. Properly sized pallets allow manufacturers to reduce the number of truck deliveries. A reduction in delivery runs provides sizable savings in fuel and tolls, as well as truck driver salaries and benefits.

“Our custom pallets use the right amount of wood to carry products where standard sized pallets are not optimal,” explains Dominick Davi, president of Greenway Products & Services. “Our custom pallets save our customers money both in the cost of the pallets and on shipping as well,” he adds.

Greenway re-manufactures wood pallets, capturing the re-usable components from used pallets, discarding weak components, and building newly configured wood pallets at a much lower cost to the manufacturer. Re-manufactured pallets also reduce the impact on the forestry industry, and landfills.

Pallet repair is another service provided by Greenway that saves customers money. Large manufacturers who have access to large on-site stocks of pallets outsource their pallet repairs to Greeenway Products & Services. Greenway sends their trucks to the manufacturer’s facilities to pick up the damaged pallets, repair the pallets, and then return the refurbished pallets to the manufacturer.

Greenway has two production facilities in New Jersey in Dayton and New Brunswick, and in Baltimore, Maryland and is among the top 9% pallet employers throughout the United States. A video showing the company’s vast pallet automation and production capabilities is available at