What is Upcycling?

color palletsUpcycling is when you turn something that has been recycled into something else. Greenway Products & Services recycles pallets that have already been used to create more pallets. But did you know, that you can buy used pallets and then take the pallet boards from our used pallets and turn them into pallet furniture. For a more general definition read Wikipedia’s definition of upcycling.

Find out more information on Upcycling, by watching the youtube video below for Upcycling ideas.

Examples of Pallet Furniture

Pinterest has become a popular place for Pallet Furniture pictures. Visit our Pinterest page. Our Pallet Furniture boards have re-pins of so many different pictures of different types of pallet furniture. Everything from shelf, book shelf to beds and even chairs. It’s amazing how much creativity is possible from used pallets.

What’s the best used pallet buy…
Greenway Products & Services, LLC

When you’re looking to buy a pallet, you should rely on Greenway Products & Services, LLC. We offer used pallets, new pallets and custom pallets. This pallet company has three facilities in Dayton NJ, New Brunswick, NJ, and Baltimore MD. We give our customers pallet delivery throughout the Mid-Atlantic area. For more information visit our contact us page or complete the form to the right.