Grade A mulch, which includes mulch made from shredded wood pallets, provide nutrients to plants and soil. As the chips decompose, they provide valuable organic nutrients necessary for the proper health of your plants. Quite often, landscaped beds and trees tend to remain stable during the period of high winds with Grade A mulch because the mulch keeps soil particles intact throughout. When soil particles are kept intact, trees are better able to establish deep roots and grow healthier. Benefits of Grade A landscaping mulch made from used pallets include:

1. Mulch from Pallets Provide More Soil Nutrients than Bark Chips

Bark chips usually contain a high amount of carbon and low amounts of nitrogen. When plants have insufficient nitrogen, nitrogen is pulled from surrounding areas to decompose the wood. The result is nitrogen deficiency in the soil and plants. Bark chips don’t improve soil fertility and are naturally toxic. The toxins in the bark are a good defense for tree trunks, but not good for soil. And bark chips contain high amounts of oil which repels water retaining than holding water. Grade A mulch made from ground wood pallets provide better soil nutrition and water retention.

2. Grade A Mulch from Wood Pallets are Alkaline in Nature

Grade A mulch produced from recycled wood pallets tend to become alkaline in nature as it undergoes decomposition. The alkaline benefit plants in various ways especially those plants that don’t require a high level of acidity in the soil.

3. Low Maintenance

In most cases, Grade A mulch made from shredded wood pallets do not require much maintenance.  All you have to do is to turn it at least once a year. The purpose of turning the mulch is to aerate it so that it continues being beneficial to the plant. You should consider replacing the mulch after a couple of years.

4. No weeds and seeds in your landscape

Grade A mulch made from aged wood pallets do not contain seedlings or any form of toxins that may end up leaching your soil. No acids, no poison ivy, no weeds.

5. Resistance to Heavy Rains

Mulch made from old pallets tends to resist heavy rain. You do not have to deal with the problem of washed away mulch every time your area experiences torrential rains.

6. Environmental friendly

Instead of discarding the broken wood pallets to fill landfills, they are put into a more beneficial use.

Advantages of Landscaping Mulch

In addition to the added beauty and curb appeal well mulched beds provide, there are several reasons why mulching has become standard practice for landscapers and home owners.

1. Prevent Soil Erosion

Mulching prevents rainwater from washing away your soil. It also keeps existing water trapped in the soil hence keeping your plants greener and healthier. Mulching breaks the fall of rainwater, therefore, lessening the force as the water falls on the ground.

2. Control Weeds

You can limit the number of weeds that spring up in the open spaces in your garden through mulching. The mulch blocks sunlight from reaching the weeds hence limiting their survival. The average amount of time required to remove weeds in mulched beds is reduced by two-thirds.*

3. Improves the Soil Health

As a matter of fact, organic matter is an important aspect of the soil. Organic substance help in improving the soil structure. As the organic material breaks down, the nutrients are released to the soil improving the fertility rate of your soil.

4. Retains Moisture

Organic materials tend to absorb water. Mulching helps in covering the soil hence limiting the speed of evaporation. Controlling the amount of water lost through evaporation helps in retaining more moisture in your soil. This is very important especially during the hot and dry seasons. This mechanism doesn’t help the plants alone, but it may also go a step further towards cutting down on your water bills. Soil moisture percentages in mulched landscapes are approximately twice as high as those in non-mulched areas.*

5. Prevents Soil Compaction

Soil can become compacted when force is applied to the soil, from foot traffic, vehicles, and even water from sprinkler systems. A 4 – 6 inch layer of mulch prevents the soil from compacting, increasing aeration in the soil and improving moisture conditions.

6. Keeps Roots Insulated During Extreme Temperatures

Extreme heat or cold can damage plant roots. A thick, healthy layer of mulch protects plant roots from both heat and cold. According to a study conducted by Cornell, mulched beds can reduce summer soil temperatures by 8 to 13 degrees.*

7. Creates Buffer Zones between Plantings and Lawn

A nicely mulched bedding will limit mower damage to plants by providing a plant free area adjacent to the lawn contours.

Where to Buy Grade A Mulch Made from Recycled Wood Pallets

For your bulk mulch truck deliveries and mulch installations, contact Greenway Products & Services. We provide triple ground hard wood root mulch, Grade A organic mulch, died black, brown and red mulch, certified playground mulch, pure uncut topsoil and wood chips. Contact Greenway Products & Services today online or by phone 732-442-0200 to schedule your next mulch delivery.

Cornell Cooperative Extension: Types and Uses of Mulch in the Landscape