EURO Pallet Sizes 31.50" × 47.24"Euro Pallet dimensions differ from North American pallet sizes and weight loads. Euro pallets are also referred to as Eur-pallets, or EPAL pallets.

Euro standards were initially set to provide maximum storage in European railcars. And European railways still trademarks for EUR/EPAL.

European trucks, forklifts and high-rack warehouses have since been designed to accommodate Euro pallet standard sizes. With continent-wide standardization, “pallet-for-pallet” exchanges became widely adopted within Europe. When freight is delivered, the recipient exchanges an equal number of pallets that accompanied the delivery back to the hauler. Approximately 450 – 500 million Euro pallets are in circulation.

Although Euro pallets do not conform to ISO standards and do not fit snuggly into ISO containers, they are still popular in Europe, since Eur and Eur1 pallets, sized at 31.50″ × 47.24″ fit through standard European doors.

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In Europe, the EURO pallet, also called a CEN pallet, is widely used in many industries. It measures 800 mm x 1200 mm x 144 mm. Manufacturers of EURO pallets must be sanctioned by the European Pallet Association (EPAL), which governs the smallest details, including which types of nails and lumber may be used. The EURO pallet does not fit efficiently within the ISO shipping container, so slightly wider containers are often used when shipping to Europe.

The European Pallet Association (EPAL) sets the standards for these pallet sizes and requirements, including wood treatment, nails, and pallet design:

  • Only dry wood can be used to minimize mold exposure
  • A minimum of 78 nails of a specific type and used in a specific nailing pattern
  • 11 boards
  • 9 blocks
  • Pallet weight must weigh approximately 25 kg (55.1 lb)
  • Provide a safe working load of 1,500 kg (3307 lb.)
  • Maximum additional load of 4,000 kg when stacking (8818 lb.)
  • EPAL logo is clearly displayed on left and right corners of pallet
  • The producer’s country code, registration identification, method of treatment (e.g. heat treatment)

The four common sizes of EURO pallets (alongside ISO alternative sizes) are:

EURO Pallet Type Dimensions (mm / in, W × L) ISO Pallet Alternative
EUR, EUR 1 800 mm × 1,200 mm / 31.50″ × 47.24″ ISO1 (same size as EUR)
EUR 2 1,200 mm × 1,000 mm / 47.24″ × 39.37″ ISO2
EUR 3 1,000 mm × 1,200 mm / 39.37″ × 47.24″
EUR 6 800 mm × 600 mm / 31.50″ × 23.62″ ISO0 (1/2 size of EUR)
600 mm × 400 mm / 23.62″ × 15.75″ 1/4 size of EUR
400 mm × 300 mm / 15.75″ × 11.81″ 1/8 size of EUR

The advantage of using pallets sized to either Euro or ISO standards when shipping internationally is to avoid the additional costs and time delays involved when transferring products to local pallets upon arrival of at international destinations.