Euro Pallet Supplier for NJ, NY & PA exportersEuro pallets ISO dimensions are the standard when shipping to Europe. Specifications of Euro pallets are determined by the European Pallet Association (EPAL). According to EPAL, these strict guidelines have been implemented because pallets were being built with inferior wood before the guidelines were in place. That practice caused pallets to break down and splinter creating shipping nightmares. The specifications ensure that high-quality wood is used to build each wood pallet.

Greenway Products & Services supplies Euro pallets to NJ, NY & PA businesses with international shipments.

The Euro pallet, also called a CEN pallet, is the usual size and dimension in European cargo shipping. The commonly used Euro pallet measures 800 mm x 1200 mm x 144 mm. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) also sanctions the six standard Euro pallet sizes for shipping to and from Europe. In addition, ISO sanctions control the type and number of nails or fasteners used in each wood pallet. Due to the strict standardization rules, it is recommended to use Euro pallets with ISO dimensions when shipping to Europe.

Shipping containers called ‘pallet-wide’ accommodate Euro pallets. They are approximately two inches larger than standard containers to accommodate the slightly larger Euro pallets. But the external dimensions of ‘pallet-wide’ containers are visually the same. Internally they are designed for the Euro size differences. The extra internal space is necessary to insure that Euro pallets aren’t forced into the smaller containers causing the pallets and the product inside them to break.

Euro Pallet Container Capacity Differences:

  • 20-foot ‘pallet wide’: 15 Euro Pallets (4 more than a standard 20-foot)
  • 40-foot ‘pallet wide’: 30 Euro pallets (5 more than a standard 40-foot)
  • 45-foot ‘pallet wide’: 34 Euro pallets (7 more than a standard 45-foot)

The globalization trend has reduced the amount of Euro pallets in use currently. However, the popularity of Euro pallets globally has made the availability and accommodation of ISO pallet sizes easier to come by today. Euro pallet sizes have ISO alternatives making the freight calculations easier for shipping purposes.

A freight consultant uses your shipping and product information, and a freight calculator to determine the right wood pallet for your shipping requirements. The ISO pallet sizes allow for an alternative to some of the Euro pallet dimensions. (See the chart below for the EUR 6, which is popular because it fits through most doorways.) There is a Euro pallet or ISO pallet alternative for every international freight shipment. It is helpful to use Greenway Products & Services Euro pallet chart for international shipments to ensure proper procedure to follow EPAL guidelines and a smooth and timely shipping experience. Consult with your freight handling pallet specialist to determine the right pallet for your shipment type and size.

Greenway Products & Services has all your Euro pallet needs covered so you can ship internationally without worry. Greenway wood pallets are heat treated as specified by many countries, ensuring your wood pallets will be insect, fungus, and chemical free.

Greenway’s Euro wood pallets conform to ISO and EPAL standards and requirements. Environmentally-friendly, heat treated wood pallets are safe for handlers and food products. At Greenway, when the wood pallets are determined to be beyond repair, and can no longer be re-furbished or re-used they are disposed of by grinding them into wood mulch. Fumigated or chemically treated wood pallets are not used in the recycling process. Greenway recycles the wood mulch into a safe playground and landscape material.  Greenway is proud to be an environmentally conscious company and does not use chemically treated or fumigated wood.

“One supplier, one invoice, zero headaches”

Greenway Products & Services has your international freight shipping needs covered, from New York, New Jersey, and Eastern Pennsylvania. From Euro pallets, American pallets and consultation services, to a worry-free management system, Greenway builds, customizes, stores, picks up and delivers quality wood pallets to suit our customer’s needs, 24/7. Greenway Products & Services works with international ISO dimensions and EPAL regulations to ensure a smooth Euro pallet shipping experience. For a shipping consultation or quote in the New Jersey, New York, and Eastern Pennsylvania area, contact us at Greenway Products & Supplies. Greenway has you covered for all your freight and shipping needs.