Pallet Enterprise magazine features Greenway's Baltimore MD FacilityGreenway Products & Services’ Baltimore MD facility has been highlighted in the August 2021 issue of Pallet Enterprise magazine, the leading trade magazine serving the pallet, low grade sawmill, wood packaging and wood processing industries.

Greenway has expanded its pallet recycling and remanufacturing plants beyond New Jersey and New York when it opened its third production plant in Baltimore MD in February 2021. The new plant has been designed for productivity and speed from the start. The entire work flow is devised for fast-in, fast-out efficiency. Dismantling operations are separated from pallet repair and assembly for flow and safety.

The article features photos of Greenway’s sorting, repair, bar coding, stacking lines, and its dismantling and trimming automated lines. In addition to investing in automated lines, shifts produce pallets seven days a week in service of retailers and e-commerce customers.

The magazine article explains the importance of designing the production line flow and layout, as well as staff training. Systems for coordination and monitoring among all of Greenway’s facilities include cameras, email, production tracking software.

Despite dealing with the additional business challenges brought on by Covid, such as staffing and mills that shut down supply for months at a time, Greenway has overcome these temporary obstacles and has a highly functioning production plant that rounds out its Mid-Atlantic footprint. With Greenway’s multiple production sites, they can reach one-third of the country within one day.

Pallet Enterprise magazine publishes pallet industry news, business trends, case studies, best practices, government regulations, plant features, equipment, new products. View the full article on the Pallet Enterprise website in the August 2021 issue, or download a pdf copy of the article.

About Greenway Products & Services

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