In one of the articles, we discussed recycling old pallets. Greenway Products & Services also can remove unwanted pallets such as standard pallet sizes such as 48×40’s, 36×36’s, 48×48’s and 42×42’s from any NJ, NY & PA site.

Where are these services available?

As most of our customers know, Greenway Products & Services has two locations in Dayton, NJ and New Brunswick, NJ, and Baltimore, MD. We can offer pallet removal services in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, and northern Virginia.

How do these services work?

Greenway Products & Services gives you a few options in terms of pallet removal. We can leave a trailer at your location. We can also send a driver to pick up your unwanted pallets such as standard pallets.

What kind of pallets can be removed?

All pallets types can be removed. The pallets that are standard pallet sizes may have value. It depends on a couple of criteria. One is how many pallets you have for pallet removal. For us to pickup pallets we would need to pickup over 300 pallets. We have smaller box truck that we work with that will pick up a smaller amount. There are two types of pallets, are they standard sizes or odd sizes. Depending on the mix of standard size pallets and odd size pallets will determine if your pallets have any monetary value. However, if you need to remove odd pallet sizes then this will require a small service fee.

Need to find more information?

Then visit our contact us page and give our customer service a call. If you have any questions or comments, then be sure to complete the form to the right or  visit our contact form page and we will try to answer all your questions and needs.