Custom pallets for NJ NY PA

Custom pallet designed to carry heavy kitchen cabinetry with extra stringer and longer length

Too often, supply shipments are damaged en route to distributors and retailers because wholesalers and manufacturers use standard sized pallets when they should be using custom pallets. While a less expensive pallet may seem attractive at first, consider using a custom pallet if your shipment is either larger than 48 inches long, 40 inches wide, weighs over 2,500 pounds or being double or triple stacked. Over sized merchandise, such as kitchen cabinetry or over weight merchandise, such as landscaping pavers, are better handled and protected when stacked on pallets custom designed for their transport.

When shipments are physically larger than the standard 48×40 ft pallet, wholesalers and manufacturers take on considerable risks. Broken pallets, damaged products, and workplace injuries – all common consequences of improper pallet design – quickly eat into profits. Proper pallets can save loading and unloading time, increase safety, ensure efficient delivery, and protect the quality of your product.

custom pallets needed for over weight load

Landscaping pavers wrongly stored on 2-way stringer pallets

At Greenway, we leverage our 50 years of experience along with a Pallet Design System to verify that your shipments get to their destination at the lowest cost, with the lowest risk of damage. We consider the size and weight of your shipment to design the right pallet with the type of wood, fasteners, and dimensions that best ensures the safe transport of your goods.

Greenway design experts determine the most appropriate custom pallet by assessing:

(1) The weight of the merchandise or load. Depending on the weight requirements, the appropriate wood material and alternative pallet designs may be warranted. For example, by adding an extra stringer to the pallet design, the pallet can increase the load it carries by 1,500 pounds.

Need custom pallets for over weight loads

Heavy load of landscaping pavers damage pallets improperly designed for load requirements

(2) The dimension that best suits the merchandise. The dimensions may be larger than standard pallet sizes for large cabinetry, for example, or smaller than standard pallet sizes for smaller packaging like ceramic tiles.

To learn more about our custom pallet design, and how a custom pallet can actually save you money, contact us online or call us at 516-437-6300 today and ask for Dominick.