Pallet Enterprise, the  leading trade magazine serving the pallet, wood packaging and wood processing industries, featured their interview with Dominick Davi, regional manager of Kamps Greenway, in the magazine’s February 2022 issue.

Pallet Enterprise Interview with Dominick Davi, Regional Manager, Kamps GreenwayWhen asked for his best business advice, he did not hesitate, replying, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”

Davi outlined challenges facing the industry overall, such as attracting new talent. He both identifies the issue as well as outlines the solution, recommending reaching out to colleges and trade organizations. By  educating potential candidates on how supplying pallets to the materials handling and logistics departments  is one of the most sustainable, and serves a critical role in the supply chain.

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.

Davi anticipates consolidation of the industry to continue in the future, and demand for wooden pallets to remain strong. Technologies will continue to improve, making it easier and more efficient to track pallets throughout their journey, while monitoring location, temperature, and movement.

Davi takes pride in Kamps Greenway’s reliability in terms of pallet quality and service, and assesses the company as the most reliable standard pallet company in the Mid-Atlantic region. The company also excels at processing custom, odd-size pallets. In fact, one-third of the pallets Kamps Greenway produces are custom-sized pallets.

The full interview can be accessed on the Pallets Enterprise website.

About Kamps Greenway

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