If you Google search “deliverability”, you’ll find lots of articles on email deliverability.

Long before the deliverability of email was a concern, deliverability of product has been, and continues to be critical to any supply chain. Product deliverability became critically important when manufacturers adopted just in time (JIT) logistics.

When manufacturers source components with reliable vendors, who maintain reliable production and deliverability schedules, the manufacturer avoids hefty costs of unused inventory and warehouse space to store the inventory. This savings is a major advantage of JIT manufacturing. However, to achieve these savings, manufacturers need to be selective on who they picked for suppliers. Unreliable suppliers who cannot deliver on time can quickly eat into the savings, and worse, end up costing more to manufacture and deliver their products.

Nearly all deliveries include the “mighty pallet” for efficient transport of supplies, between vendors and manufacturers — and within the manufacturing plant itself. In practically all manufacturing situations, from fresh food, to large flatscreen TVs, supply reliability depends on reliable delivery of the pallets themselves. The last thing you want to report to your boss is, we couldn’t receive our source materials because our vendor ran out of pallets. Or even worse, we cannot ship because we ran out of pallets.

Purchasing departments weigh a number of factors when selecting the pallet supplier, including quality of the product, deliverability rate, and once these requirements are met, cost. Decisions based on cost alone could actually cost the company more when the manufacturing process is interrupted.

At Greenway Products & Services, we have a proven track record of maintaining our delivery schedules to get the pallets you need at the right time. Our automated pallet re-manufacturing lines run two shifts daily, producing 18,000 pallets per day. The automation we have invested in, and the systems we have developed enable us to achieve a delivery rate of 99.6%.

Combined with this industry leading delivery rate of 99.6%, and next day delivery for manufacturers and in our region, we have earned top-tier vendor status for many national manufacturers.

Greenway Products & Services, LLC is the largest pallet remanufacturer and recyclers in NY, NJ, PA, MD,and DE. We also accept scrap wood and landscaping debris from our customers that we turn into valuable resources. Greenway is a highly rated, full-service pallet management company. Contact us for a quote today. Visit our website, greenwaypsllc.com or call us at 732-442-0200. We can deliver trailers to you on a moment’s notice throughout the TNY-NJ-PA-MD-DE area.