Pallet Removal with Newly Born Kittens

Just when you thought you had seen every possible use for wooden pallets we discovered yet another. Greenway Products and Services, LLC provides pick-up services for customers. Two days ago Greenway picked up a load of broken pallets at Lowes in Hicksville, NY. When the truck’s contents were being off loaded, much to the forklift driver’s surprise, he found four kittens inside one of the pallets.

The kittens were a little less than a month old. Greenway’s president, Dominick Davi, decided to post a picture of them on social media to see if someone would come forward to take them. In addition Greenway tried calling some cat rescue facilities. The kittens were tiny and vulnerable and surely couldn’t be left outside.

The next call Dominick made was to Petco and while he was on the phone with the store, a man overheard the conversation. It just so happens that man was a volunteer with an animal rescue that places adoptable cats/kittens at that Petco store. He immediately stepped up to take the kittens.

When they got to Petco with the new babies, Papa Dom just had to buy the little kitties some presents. He bought $150 worth of items to help care for them including feeding bottles and kitten milk, along with some toys.

So even though these kittens aren’t with their mother, she chose a great place to give birth to them! They were rescued and with a little more luck will be placed in good homes.