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Sell Excess Pallets in Bulk to Greenway Products & Services

Shipping pallets are an essential resource for any company that relies on transporting goods. Once used, accumulated pallets can be an additional source of income. Greenway Products & Services will buy your used and broken standard-sized pallets in quantities as few as 250 pallets, or by the truckload. Depending on your business’s needs, we can arrange for a trailer be sent to you for loading.

Replacing damaged and broken pallets is a perpetual expense, and selling your used pallets can help to offset that cost, effectively creating a new revenue stream and helping your company’s bottom line — while contributing to environmental sustainability by keeping damaged pallets out of landfills.

Every business is different, and has unique needs with respect to its shipping pallet usage. Based on the volume of used pallets your business produces, your company’s location, the sizes of your pallets and their condition, Greenway will work with you to develop a program to suit your business’s individual needs. We are committed to integrity and transparency; when reviewing your used pallets, our counts and inspections will be honest and thorough, and we will report the results promptly and efficiently.

The condition of your used pallets is obviously a determining factor in the price that will be offered for them. We will buy pallets in standard sizes that can be repaired for resale, and offer a fair market price. Badly damaged and scrap pallets can be picked up and removed for a small disposal fee or without charge, depending on your location and other factors.

With our multiple locations throughout the Mid-Atlantic region, Greenway Products & Services is able to purchase pallets from businesses across New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Delaware. Our resources and flexibility allow us to accommodate high volumes of pallets, and we can place drop trailers on site at your business locations for easy disposal of your unwanted used and damaged pallets.

Frequently Asked Questions

We recognize that selling your used pallets can be a complex process; many of the most common questions our customers have for us are included below, along with our answers. If you have other concerns that are not addressed here, please feel free to Contact Us to reach out to our representatives directly.

What is the minimum quantity of pallets Greenway will buy?

Generally we buy pallets by the truckload, meaning quantities of 400 or more at a time. However, if you have at least 250 pallets, it’s definitely worth getting in touch with us to see what we can arrange.

How are different sizes of pallet valued?

There are a number of factors that impact the value of a pallet, including the current market situation, the condition of your pallets, the quantity you have for sale, and the size(s) of pallet you have. The most common industry standard pallet, 48”x40”, is the most valuable, as it is most widely used by companies across multiple industries for all manner of products. These pallets may be referred to as 48 x 40 Cores, GMAs, 4ways, 1’s and 2’s, or A’s and B’s.

Other sizes of pallet are less common, but may still have value for repair and resale. These sizes include, but are not limited to, 48”x48”, 48”x42”, and 42”x42”. It is worth discussing with a representative whether these pallets are in sufficient demand to be purchased.

Pallets are not limited to these few common sizes, and specific industries or products may have very odd-sized pallets. A pallet company may be interested in buying these for a small price if you have a full truck of the same odd size, but in most cases these unusual sizes will not be useful for repair and resale, so you may be able to have your pallet company remove them without charge or for a small disposal fee.

If you have pallets that have been damaged to the point of needing extensive repairs or are beyond salvaging, or any other wood waste – including pallets made of plywood or particle board, wooden crates, or loose wood – many pallet companies will charge a disposal fee to pick up these materials for processing. If you cannot negotiate for a pallet company to pick up your wood waste at no charge, you may be able to find other companies that recycle wood waste into mulch or boiler fuel that may pick up your materials for free.

Does Greenway Products & Services buy pallets in custom sizes?

We do! If you have a batch of at least 250 custom-sized pallets, we would be happy to hear from you.

Are there specific sizes Greenway looks for?

Circumstances vary, although in general we accept wood pallets of all sizes. Naturally though, certain sizes of pallet are more popular (and therefore useful) than others. Here are the sizes that we find in popular demand:

  • 30×30 2-way and 4-way
  • 32×30 2-way and 4-way*
  • 36×36 2-way*
  • 42×42 2-way and 4-way*
  • 42×48 4-way*
  • 44×44 2-way
  • 48×40 4way*
  • 48×42 4-way
  • 48×44 4-way
  • 48×45 4-way*
  • 48×48 2-way and 4-way

The sizes marked with an asterisk (*) are of particular interest.

In the pallet industry, the dimensions of the pallet are given with the length first, then the width; thus 48” long x 40” wide. This means that in the above list, 42×48 and 48×42 describe two different sizes of pallet.

Do you buy pallets made of other materials?

Greenway does accept pallets made of other materials, yes, although certain materials are more difficult to recycle and may therefore carry a disposal fee. These materials include: plywood, laminate, particle board, Inca/pressboard, MDF (medium density fiberboard), Luan (Lauan), oriented strand board (OSB), paper, plastic, and cardboard. Any painted, stained, or pressure treated wood falls under this category as well.

Will Greenway buy badly damamged pallets?

Pallets are inspected to determine whether they can be repaired or must be recycled as wood waste. Depending on the condition of the pallets, we may be able to remove them for free or charge a small disposal fee.

If you have any other questions, reach out to us today!

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