On the Facebook profile for the City of New Brunswick’s Fire Department it reads, “Always Open”. Our local fire departments are among many unsung heroes who risk their lives every day, protecting families at home and employees and staff at work. At Greenway, we value safety both in our company, in the community, and at customer sites.

Storage of wooden pallets present fire risks to manufacturers, warehouses, wholesalers and retailers. Accumulated pallets can be a major fire risk, which is why many companies maintain a pickup and delivery relationship with their wooden pallet supplier. The Hanover Insurance Group warns: “A fire involving even a modest number of idle pallets inside a building can rapidly overtax a fire sprinkler system. Careful control and management of idle pallets is required to prevent accumulations from becoming a significant fire exposure.” Federated Insurance instructs manufacturers to limit on-site pallet storage to the minimum needed to meet production demands.

Avoid Fire Risks When Storing Wood PalletsPallet manufacturers deal with wooden pallets on a daily basis. A well-run company such as Greenway Products & Services has well documented policies and procedures to avert fires, and to quickly get them under control when they do occur, including:

  • Fire prevention plans outlining inspection frequency, following the guidelines outlined in the National Wooden Pallet & Container Association (NWPCA) Fire Code Compliance Manual
  • Early Suppression Fast-Response (ESFR) Sprinkler protection
  • Filtering air, and cleaning up, and discarding wood dust
  • Isolated storage for chemicals in current use, and periodic disposal of aging chemicals. Corrosive chemicals can break down their packaging over time.
  • Regularly scheduled trash disposal to maintain a clean environment
  • Unencumbered floor plan for quick evacuation
  • Covers and monitors for all ignition sources, such as heating grates, lamps, space heaters
  • Quick and easy access to water source for fire department use
  • Trained staff in emergency procedures and a well-practiced evacuation plan

Greenway’s fire prevention and protection policies have been put through a test during a recent incident. With the benefit of Greenway’s advance planning and preparation, and the quick response of the New Brunswick Fire Department, a small incident was contained, averting a significant fire.

Wooden Pallets Fire Safety

New Brunswick NJ firefighters Nick Giannaci, John Keefe, Robert Rawls, Eddie Samaad Lee, Shane Mendez

“We weathered the incident without a hitch,” recalls Dominick Davi, president of Greenway Products & Services. “We were able to deliver as scheduled. Every pallet got out on time, which says a lot about our company’s leadership and the dedication of our employees,” he adds. “And we are very grateful for the brave firefighters at the New Brunswick fire department, who have our backs.”

Greenway Products & Services Recognizes New Brunswick NJ Fire Department

At Greenway Products & Services, we are honored to be served by the men and woman of the New Brunswick Fire Department and applaud the work they do every day, and the effort they have contributed to helping residents and workers in New Brunswick keep safe.

In appreciation, Greenway Products & Services, LLC supplied the department’s First Platoon with sandwiches and sides to let them know we recognize, and appreciate their leadership.

Photo caption: New Brunswick firefighters Nick Giannaci, John Keefe, Robert Rawls, Eddie Samaad Lee, Shane Mendez

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