Greenway Products & Services, LLC, with facilities in Dayton NJ, New Brunswick NJ and Baltimore MD is great local source for all your pallets needs. Our pallet making business offers three types of standard pallets.

What is a standard pallet?

Standard size pallets are usually the most common size that most people use. The pallet dimension height is 5.5 inches and pallet dimension for the length is 48 inches and the width is 40 inches. Most pallet makers write the size as the following, 48 x 40. Pallet standards can come in different pallet grades.

What is a pallet grade?

A pallet grade is the quality of a pallet depending on its condition and if it has any kind of plugs or changes. Changes to a busted pallets, lowers the quality as well as the value of the pallet.

What are the different type of pallet grades available at Greenway Products & Services?

Type B Grade is usually made up of busted, used or old pallets that have been fixed with plugs. This lowers the quality and value of the pallet. Another type of pallet grade we have is Grade A pallets. They are good quality recycled pallets. Our third type of pallet grade is called Super; it is a clean, newer pallet with usually thicker wood. This is our highest quality pallet that we sell to our customers.

What if the standard pallet does not fit my product?

We also sell customized pallets. We can make any size pallet. We have made pallets as small as 22 x 22 and as big as 144 x 52. We can also design the pallet for you through Pallet Design System software. It is a software that when you enter the size, amount of boards and beams, and thickness it will give you a report that will tell you how much this certain pallet can hold. If the pallet designed does not hold the weight we can tweak it by moved the beams in, adding more boards, or increasing the thickness of wood.