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Dominick Davi is the President of Greenway Products & Services, LLC. He has been in the pallet industry for over 20 years. Before going into the pallet business He was a CPA in a midsize firm in Manhattan. In his spare time he enjoys spending time with his wife and two sons, being the Cub Master of a local Cub Scout Pack in Rockville Centre, and participating in various charities such as St. Baldrick’s, and Cristo Rey. Greenway Products is one of the largest pallets companies in the New York Metropolitan area. Greenway has five divisions: Standard Pallets, Customized Pallets, Recycling, Mulch, and Sorting. He currently employs 168 people in three locations.
The Right Pallets at the Right Time

When is a Pallet Not Just a Pallet? …When it’s a Work of Art

In her exhibit at The Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art, artist Liz Glynn has constructed enormous structures from reclaimed wooden pallets. Her exhibit, called The Archaeology of Another Possible Future, is examining the new digital economy’s impact on the future, given that automation and the Internet have changed the character of labor and manufacturing. She [...]

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Order Pallets Now for the Holiday Shipping Season

Today we bring you our end of summer advice blog... Order pallets now for the holiday shipping season! If history has taught us anything, one of the lessons we should pay close attention to is to keep past practice in mind in order to avoid repeating the same mistakes. So as we approach the end [...]

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Advantages of Grade A Mulch Produced from Recycled Wood Pallets

Grade A mulch, which includes mulch made from shredded wood pallets, provide nutrients to plants and soil. As the chips decompose, they provide valuable organic nutrients necessary for the proper health of your plants. Quite often, landscaped beds and trees tend to remain stable during the period of high winds with Grade A mulch because the mulch keeps soil particles intact throughout. When soil particles are kept intact, trees are better able to establish deep roots and grow healthier. Benefits of Grade A landscaping mulch made from used pallets include: […]

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Custom Pallets for Oversized or Heavy Merchandise

Too often, supply shipments are damaged en route to distributors and retailers because wholesalers and manufacturers use standard sized pallets when they should be using custom pallets. While a less expensive pallet may seem attractive at first, consider using a custom pallet if your shipment is either larger than 48 inches long, 40 inches wide, weighs [...]

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Pallet Automation Equipment Improves Production Efficiency

In the pallet business one of the critical factors to increase pallet service delivery and quality control is the pallet automation equipment. Employing the newest automation and computerization adds to the simplicity of the operation, while increasing productivity. Greenway Products & Services, LLC has recently added new equipment that increases the efficiency of our operation. The [...]

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Custom Designed Pallets

The vast majority of pallets in use today conform to industry standards. But those standard sizes don’t take into account specialized needs. The use of computer aided pallet design has made it possible for pallet manufacturers to make custom designed pallets which are just right for the customers’ needs. The National Wooden Pallet and Container [...]

When are custom pallets more economical than standard pallets?

When shopping for the cheapest pallet, any one of the standard size pallets may appear to be the most economical. However, if your merchandise or freight are not sized according to standardized pallet dimensions, it may actually be costing a good deal more money to use standard pallets instead of custom pallets. Custom pallets are [...]

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NJ Pallet Manufacturing Family Goes All Out to Help Kids with Cancer

Why would Dominick Davi of Greenway Products & Services, LLC pledge to shave his head? No it’s not just to make a new fashion statement! He's doing it because he's helping kids with cancer and showing his support of St. Baldrick’s Foundation, an organization whose objective is to conquer childhood cancers. “Every two minutes a [...]

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NJ & NY Pallet Manufacturer Contributes to “Make a Kid Happy” Campaign, Putting Smiles on Hundreds of Faces

  Santa Claus brings Christmas cheer to AHRC school St Francis De Paola via Greenway Products & Services For the seventeenth year, Greenway Products & Services President Dominick Davi, and his brother Frank Davi donated toys to the New York City's AHRC schools, including the St. Francis De Paola school -- a school that services [...]

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NY/NJ Pallet Company Delivers Holiday Joy

What better way to spread joy at the holiday season than to reach out to children who can benefit greatly from some extra kindness and attention? Greenway Products & Services President Dominick Davi, Frank Davi and their team of holiday “elves” have been doing just that for the past 15 years. The Davi brothers bring their gifts to the children of Francis of Paola Early Learning Center in Brooklyn. The center is part of ARHC New York City. […]

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