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Dominick Davi is regional manager of Kamps Greenway. He has been in the pallet industry for over 20 years. Before going into the pallet business He was a CPA in a midsize firm in Manhattan. In his spare time he enjoys spending time with his wife and two sons, being the Cub Master of a local Cub Scout Pack in Rockville Centre, and participating in various charities such as St. Baldrick’s, and Cristo Rey. Greenway Products is one of the largest pallets companies in the Mid-Atlantic region. Greenway has five divisions: Standard Pallets, Customized Pallets, Recycling, Mulch, and Sorting. He currently employs 215 people in three locations.
The Right Pallets at the Right Time

Proper Pallet Design Can Reduce the Total Cost of Goods & Delivery

Custom pallets may cost 10% more, but actually decrease the total cost of goods and delivery Custom Pallet Design to Reduce Total Cost Mark White, president of the packaging research and consulting firm White & Co, recommends considering the role pallets play in the total cost of product and delivery. Often stronger pallets can better [...]

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Mold Prevention for Wooden Pallets

Mold…it’s not a pretty sight anywhere! And it’s an especially vexing problem when it shows up on pallets. It is a common problem due to moisture and it is “coming increasingly under scrutiny as food safety requirements continue to become a priority,” according to Rick LeBlanc in an article on the website The Balance. In [...]

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Lower Shipping Costs with Products Designed to Minimize Space

Do you know how Ikea keeps the cost of its furniture and home products so low?  And why they sell sofas as kits -- not fully assembled? Ikea is known for good quality at low prices. One of the factors contributing to that is figuring out how to maximize the transportation of their products, whether [...]

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7 Pallet Packing Tips to Avoid Product Damage

Packing pallets to improve stability avoids the frustration of your customers receiving damaged goods as they make their way through the supply chain. Avoid product damage with these seven packing tips will go a long way toward insuring the products arrive in tact. Make sure you start out with good quality wooden pallets, none that [...]

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Reduce Transportation Costs with Custom Pallet Sizes

Greenway has built their reputation as a reliable source of wood pallets, enabling manufacturers to keep production lines functioning at full capacity. And by making small changes to pallets, Greenway saves money for companies that package and ship product. Greenway uses specialized computer software to assist in custom pallet design to minimize the pallet size, [...]

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Key Role of Pallets in the World’s Economy

“Pallets move the world.” This quote from Mark White, professor emeritus at Virginia Tech, sums up the importance of pallets in the world’s economy. Wooden pallets play a critical role in the movement and storage of goods worldwide. Proper design and quality standards ensure that products are protected during transport. Wooden pallets provide both a [...]

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When is a Pallet Not Just a Pallet? …When it’s a Work of Art

In her exhibit at The Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art, artist Liz Glynn has constructed enormous structures from reclaimed wooden pallets. Her exhibit, called The Archaeology of Another Possible Future, is examining the new digital economy’s impact on the future, given that automation and the Internet have changed the character of labor and manufacturing. She [...]

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Order Pallets Now for the Holiday Shipping Season

Today we bring you our end of summer advice blog... Order pallets now for the holiday shipping season! If history has taught us anything, one of the lessons we should pay close attention to is to keep past practice in mind in order to avoid repeating the same mistakes. So as we approach the end [...]

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Advantages of Grade A Mulch Produced from Recycled Wood Pallets

Grade A mulch, which includes mulch made from shredded wood pallets, provide nutrients to plants and soil. As the chips decompose, they provide valuable organic nutrients necessary for the proper health of your plants. Quite often, landscaped beds and trees tend to remain stable during the period of high winds with Grade A mulch because [...]

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Greenway Products & Services Opens Central NJ Pallet Manufacturing Facility

Greenway Products & Services announced the opening of its new pallet manufacturing plant in New Brunswick, NJ. With access to the best roadway infrastructure in New Jersey, the large, new, manufacturing facility is equipped with efficient, streamlined, state-of-the-art automation for pallet manufacturing and remanufacturing. The facility runs two shifts a day enabling it to produce over 30,000 pallets per week, [...]

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