Greenway Products & Services Contributes to Help Bring Teaching Technology to Students

The St. Agnes Cathedral School welcomes fall with its annual Garden Potpourri. The 2016 Garden Potpourri will be held on October 14th and is open to the public. The event offers painted pumpkins, flowers and holiday decorations as well as delicious seasonal treats. […]

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Why Heat Treated Pallets are a Better Choice than Chemical Fumigation

Greenway Products & Services supplies heat-treated, ISPM compliant pallets throughout NJ, NY & PA. We supply businesses that export product across the globe with shipping pallets of all freight classifications. Wood pallets must be treated to prevent the transport of harmful pests, fungus, and other contaminants. As environmental concerns rise worldwide it is important to [...]

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Eagle Scout Kyle Woll Uses Greenway Pallets to Build Park Furniture

NY and NJ pallet company, Greenway Products & Services, donated pallets to support Kyle Woll's Eagle Scout project. We are excited to help, and even more excited to see the results of Kyle's work. Good job, Kyle and keep up the good work! People like you make a difference for everyone in your community. We [...]

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Sergeant Moore Visits Cub Scout Pack 163

Cub Scout Troop 163 in Rockville Centre, NY opened the 2016/2017 school year with a celebrity visit from Sergeant Moore. The cubs heard first hand about the life of a soldier. Each of the cubs were moved by Sergeant Moore's talk, they decided to write letters to those currently serving in Iraq. That evening over40 [...]

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Nature’s Best Packaging … Another Great Use!

Pallet Removal with Newly Born Kittens Just when you thought you had seen every possible use for wooden pallets we discovered yet another. Greenway Products and Services, LLC provides pick-up services for customers. Two days ago Greenway picked up a load of broken pallets at Lowes in Hicksville, NY. When the truck's contents were being [...]

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Wood Mulch Best for Playgrounds

Are children in your community having fun at playgrounds that use wood mulch? That's a critical question since studies have found that mulch made from rubber, especially rubber tires, can be harmful to kids.  Recycling tires for playground mulch was a popular solution to the growing pile of tires accumulating in landfills for the past [...]

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Use Euro Pallets ISO Dimensions When Shipping to Europe

Euro pallets ISO dimensions are the standard when shipping to Europe. Specifications of Euro pallets are determined by the European Pallet Association (EPAL). According to EPAL, these strict guidelines have been implemented because pallets were being built with inferior wood before the guidelines were in place. That practice caused pallets to break down and splinter creating shipping nightmares. The specifications ensure that high-quality wood is used to build each wood pallet. Greenway Products & Services supplies Euro pallets to NJ, NY & PA businesses with international shipments. […]

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Reliable Pallet Supplier Critical for Smooth Supply Chain and Logistics Operations

Since 2008, manufacturing and production have increased annually. Wood pallet suppliers are increasing production and delivery of pallets for smooth supply chain and logistics operations across the globe. New, repaired and recycled pallets are all reliable options. The demand for wood is putting added stress on an already stressed lumber supply. What other factors are critical to wood pallet suppliers keeping up with the manufacturers’ demands? […]

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Freight Class Determines Pallet Dimension

There are 18 different freight classes for shipping as determined by the National Motor Freight Traffic Association (NMFTA). The type of freight is determined by the length, height, and weight of the shipment, but other considerations determine freight class as well. Density, handling, perishability, value, theft, delicacy and damage are also taken into account in [...]

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Remove Unwanted Pallets in NJ, NY & PA

In one of the articles, we discussed recycling old pallets. Greenway Products & Services also can remove unwanted pallets such as standard pallet sizes such as 48×40’s, 36×36’s, 48×48’s and 42×42’s from any NJ, NY & PA site. Where are these services available? As most of our customers know, Greenway Products & Services has locations in New [...]

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