Coronavirus and Distribution of Packaged Goods

Greenway provides essential services to manufacturers, keeping the country’s packaged goods moving to meet critical needs. Greenway’s wooden pallets are a critical component of a dependable supply chain. Maintaining a smoothly functioning supply chain is more important than ever in the face of the current crisis.


Reliable Pallet Supplier Critical for Smooth Supply Chain and Logistics Operations

Since 2008, manufacturing and production have increased annually. Wood pallet suppliers are increasing production and delivery of pallets for smooth supply chain and logistics operations across the globe. New, repaired and recycled pallets are all reliable options. The demand for wood is putting added stress on an already stressed lumber supply. What other factors are critical [...]

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Freight Class Determines Pallet Dimension

There are 18 different freight classes for shipping as determined by the National Motor Freight Traffic Association (NMFTA). The type of freight is determined by the length, height, and weight of the shipment, but other considerations determine freight class as well. Density, handling, perishability, value, theft, delicacy and damage are also taken into account in [...]

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Remove Unwanted Pallets in NJ, NY & PA

In one of the articles, we discussed recycling old pallets. Greenway Products & Services also can remove unwanted pallets such as standard pallet sizes such as 48×40’s, 36×36’s, 48×48’s and 42×42’s from any NJ, NY & PA site. Where are these services available? As most of our customers know, Greenway Products & Services has locations in New [...]

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We Can Give You Custom Pallets Throughout NJ, NY & PA

Greenway Products & Services offers many types of custom pallets to businesses in NJ, NY & PA. Anything you need in terms of custom pallets? Just ask. Our pallet making company has computer aided palled design which helps create custom pallets. There are many uses for wooden pallets. Sometimes you need different sizes or different arrangements [...]

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Pallet Projects: Creating Stylish Decor & Furniture with Greenway Pallets

Do It Yourself Dorm Room Decor Greenway Shipping and Storage Pallets Used to Build Inexpensive Decorative Furniture Shane R. Duffy and Sandy Diaz, owners of SD Squared Design and Renovation Company were featured on Fox News showing how to build furniture out of pallets -- perfect for hip dorm rooms on a small budget. Shane and [...]

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Upcycling Used Pallets

What is Upcycling? Upcycling is when you turn something that has been recycled into something else. Greenway Products & Services recycles pallets that have already been used to create more pallets. But did you know, that you can buy used pallets and then take the pallet boards from our used pallets and turn them into [...]

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A Reliable Source for Pallets

If you need a good reliable source for pallets then contact Greenway Products & Services. Our pallet manufacturing company, Greenway, has been a reliable source for many years. Our heat treated chambers allow the pallets to be shipped overseas. Also a certificate and stamp is included with the heat treated pallets. This heat treated process [...]

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How Much Does a Pallet Weigh?

  Lately, I realized that many people in NJ, NY & PA need to know about the different types of pallets sizes and pallet weight. Well look no further; here we will cover all the most popular pallet dimensions, sizes and weights that are created by Greenway Products & Services. Pallet Standard The standard size [...]

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What does pallet recycling in NJ, NY & PA really mean?

  In NJ, NY & PA, when people think of pallet recycling they think of shredding pallet wood into mulch. This is actually down cycling. It's done when the pallet wood can no longer be reused. Sometimes people think of using the pallets for art or furniture. This is Upcycling. So what is recycling? Pallet [...]

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Pallet Removal in NJ, NY & PA

As we know, pallets are used to hold products during shipping. Pallets are used by many manufacturing, warehousing and distribution companies. Eventually their pallets start to pile up. Greenway Products & Services offers pallet removal services for our customers who need to get rid of their unwanted pallets. How does it work? There are three [...]

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