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15 Tips to Avoid Damaged Pallets

We’ve all seen them. Damaged pallets. Some with what looks like minor imperfections. Others where the damage is more obvious. The real cost of a damaged pallet far exceeds the pallet’s appearance. Pallets are designed to carry load – much heavier loads than their low profile suggests. Moving product on a weak or compromised pallet [...]

8 Top Ways to Reduce Pallet Costs

If you’re operating a warehouse or are regularly receiving and/or shipping out product, then you know how important your supply of pallets is. If you start running low on pallets, it could result in downtime, which, in turn, would hurt your bottom line. However, pallet costs can also affect your bottom line. Fortunately, the following [...]

Why 93% Pallets are Made from Wood

When it comes to the material handling industry, the majority of the costs associated with shipping product in and out consists of third-party logistics, containers and pallets. Warehouses, businesses or organizations that make use of pallets generally choose wood over plastic. In fact, it’s estimated that roughly 93 percent of all pallets are wood. While [...]

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7 Pallet Packing Tips to Avoid Product Damage

Packing pallets to improve stability avoids the frustration of your customers receiving damaged goods as they make their way through the supply chain. Avoid product damage with these seven packing tips will go a long way toward insuring the products arrive in tact. Make sure you start out with good quality wooden pallets, none that [...]

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Key Role of Pallets in the World’s Economy

“Pallets move the world.” This quote from Mark White, professor emeritus at Virginia Tech, sums up the importance of pallets in the world’s economy. Wooden pallets play a critical role in the movement and storage of goods worldwide. Proper design and quality standards ensure that products are protected during transport. Wooden pallets provide both a [...]

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How Much Does a Pallet Weigh?

  Lately, I realized that many people in NJ, NY, PA, DE and MD need to know about the different types of pallets sizes and pallet weight. Well look no further; here we will cover all the most popular pallet dimensions, sizes and weights that are created by Greenway Products & Services. Pallet Standard The [...]

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What Are Pallets?

A pallet is a generally a wooden structure that is created to help ship products. Many people get this confused with palette which is used for paint. Pallets are mostly made up of wood. They can also be made of plastic or steel. Below are some pictures showing different kinds of pallets. As well as [...]

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Good Reasons to Buy Wooden Pallets Instead of Plastic Pallets in NJ, NY, PA, MD & DE

There are many reasons to buy wooden pallets especially from Greenway Products & Services in the Mideastern Region. Wood is natural and safe that it can be used with food. For example, ice pops sticks are made of wood. The wood that Greenway uses can be recycled. In addition, most of the wood we use was [...]

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How Much Does A Pallet Hold?

In the last articles we talked about what is a pallet and pallet size and weight. Pallets come in different sizes and have different weight depending on the wood. The best pallet definition is a wooden structure that holds products. Now, we're going to find out how much these pallets can really hold in terms [...]

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Different Standard Pallets

Greenway Products & Services, LLC, with facilities in Dayton NJ, New Brunswick NJ and Baltimore MD is great local source for all your pallets needs. Our pallet making business offers three types of standard pallets. What is a standard pallet? Standard size pallets are usually the most common size that most people use. The pallet [...]

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